Monday, September 26, 2011

Eat like a carney

   For years I have heard of people going to the Big E fair in Massachusetts. For some reason I never made it there over my last 30 years. I decided now was the time. I didn't have any carnival/fair food this summer at all. That's just not good business. Not when your calling is "eating".

Food after more food. Followed by desserts.

   We had an eat-fest. We ate like the fat kids trapped within us.

Delicious deep fried cheese curd...

My brother ate 3 different "meat sandwiches" in less than an hour.

OMG cinnamon mini-donuts. Gone in 30 seconds.

My buddy Seth and I with our Craz-E Burgers.

In case you wondered...that's a bacon cheeseburger. On a DONUT.

Had some frozen custard cones, beef and peppers, basketball card hunting. A day in carney paradise.

It took everything I am to NOT pay money to go see Hercules the uni-cow.

That shady image is my brother John telling me to stay away. There was a horse show goin' down and I'm highly allergic.

That piece of straw in my flop is the closest to a farm I need to be. Ever.

I spent $7 for the two of us to go on this one ride. Worth every penny. My 16 year old sister Chelsea didn't realize that telling a carney running the Tilt-O-Whirl that you "like his tattoo" is flirting. He guided us to what he believed to be the "best" car and advised us to sit close together and lean together and we'd spin more. It worked. We had to hold the railing to get off the damn ride. Oh and follow up to that- she liked his tattoo because it said "Chelsea"...she didn't randomly come on to some carney.

Testing out the wares. My husband and friend Seth on a love seat together. My brother in  the only non-rocking chair in the display.

The boys invented a way to make our hands feel less "swollen" from all the heat and salt intake. My husbands surprisingly obliged us by taking the picture.

And my brother and husband on the ride home complaining of each other's arm hair tangling in the other's. Narsty.


  1. I'm so freaking jealous of that burger on a donut. Best idea ever,

  2. how fun! fair food at least once a year is definitely a must!

  3. How fun, I love food at the fair even though they are a bit overpriced. Yum!! I am so craving for some funnel cake.