Tuesday, September 27, 2011


   Has anyone else noticed recently how often people in the media and news are talking about vitamins?? Like now the multiple vitamins I buy at Target that are a rip off of women's centrum isn't enough? Well according to Dr. Oz, they aren't. After reading a scary article on calcium (and my Mom lecturing me) I started taking calcium chews. Fine. Then my neurologist (migraines) advised me to take potassium since I don't like bananas. OK. So that's now 4 things I take in the am. Then I hear the Elvis Duran show this morning. Dr. Oz (who I think is rad) was on yesterday and addressed blood pressure. That got the team all worked up about health. Today they announce the study on B12. And while it's good for older adults, I can't remember what day it is most of the time, so maybe I need to look into this.

   Then I was daydreaming about vitamins and remember when I was younger and uber-bitchy my Mom was force me to take B6. It supposedly "un-bitched" you. However, I did some research and found NOTHING here about B6. And that's from the feds, people. So i'm at a loss. Aaron will just have to continue dealing with me at this rate of aggression because ain't no B6 gonna fix it (according to the US Government).

   The last vitamin that has been rearing it's ugly head is D. My allergist (who confirmed to Aaron that I am in fact allergic to horses and nothing else) advised me to start taking vitamin D. It was clearly his pet cause because I showed no deficiency in anything and he probably just has a deal with the vitamin companies. So he said every human should spend 30 minutes in the sun per day, or take 1000mg of D. 30 minutes? We live in Connecticut, pal. I'm lucky if I don't run to my car because I'm freezing to death half the year. I'll take the damn pill October-May.

   I think it's like when you don't know anyone who has a certain car. Then one or more of your BFFs get one and you see Rav 4s everywhere suddenly (yes, that happened). I knew I should take a multi-vitamin because growing up my Mom was a health freak and hammered it into me (which I'm grateful for). But why all the vitamin talk now? You think it has anything to do with American's "All Oreo" diets? Do any of YOU take any vitamins I should add to my list? I'm going to Target after work to go vitamin shopping. AND to pick up my fixed pumps!! Finally caught the shoe repair guy!


  1. I just take a chewable multi-vitamin every day and folic acid. Great news about your shoes finally!!

  2. All of the info on Vitamins is so conflicting!! You should def be taking Vitamin D though (or so they say...). I take a multi, fish oil, CoQ10, and either a veggie or fruit pill. Oh and a probiotic... lol. And who knows if it is doing anything! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like. :)


  3. I take a multi every day and I feel like I feel weird when I don't, however it could just all be in my mind. My Dr. just told me everyone above Washington DC needs to take vitamin D b/c we don't get enough sun. But then all my friends say I should be taking more calcium. Who the hell knows. I've also heard multi vitamins are just an expensive add-on in your pee. Life. I tell ya.