Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #2

   I was ecstatic to wake up today and realize it actually was Friday. Per the usual, I thought it was Friday every day since Tuesday this week. Wishful dreaming, I suppose. Started last week, I will wow you all with another set of facts about myself or my intrigues.

1. I planned my entire outfit today around a $6.80 necklace from Forever 21 that I've been pining after. Found here.

 It was really one of those things you see and don't buy and then think about for 2 weeks until you finally go back and just BUY it. Money well spent. I'm more excited about the necklace than the fact that the bathroom may be done this weekend.

2. I gloated a few weeks ago about how I haven't had jury duty in 5 years since I was 2 hours late and they excused me because I was sick as a dog. A week later I got a summons. *eye roll* So I may have jury duty on Monday which I dread.

3. I love lemon poppy seed muffins...but I have a "catch-all" gap in between my my left front tooth and the one next to it (I don't know the "names", forgive me). No matter how hard I try if I eat poppy seeds I will end up with one in that space. I have dental floss in my desk at work, my car and in 3 places at my house. I'm saying all that because I'm eating that muffin now.

4. I did not know Oliver & Company, the Disney cartoon about the delightful orange kitten and his scrappy pals was a variation of Oliver Twist until last night when I was reading the end of Jaycee Dugard's book and she referenced it. I immediately shouted to Aaron as he painted the bathroom to see if he knew that. He didn't, so I felt better. I guess I never put two and two together. Maybe I did, but they didn't equal four...

5. I downloaded Wuthering Heights the other day on Kindle. I was alerted by my friend Josh that it's free because most of the classics aren't "owned" by anyone. They didn't protect them with copyrights etc back then. Sweet! So I downloaded it because I didn't read the classics in high school. I read the Cliffs Notes. I tried to read it last night and I quickly recalled why I didn't read it in high school. It's written a little too poetically for my tastes. Two pages in and I had a headache. If it's necessary for me to soldier on, tell me now.

I hope everyone enjoys their last day of this work week!!


  1. Soldier on! That book will make you weep.

  2. Oh, and yes, I faithfully read your blog. It's hysterical.

  3. love planning outfits around awesome jewelry!