Thursday, September 1, 2011

Party like it's 1999

   Last night was seriously awesome. I got together with Jessica (been friends since age 11) and Craig (avid blog reader and friend I haven't seen since probably 1999). Graduation. The good ole' days. Anyway, we went to the magical Cheesecake Factory! It's finally opened and it's a treasure. One of my fave parts was actually standing outside with Craig and observing the people and listening to them all freak out because there is a long wait. Craig pointed out 2 great issues with the complaints. It's in Danbury, CT where nothing really happens and you have Chili's or Uno's to chose from. And Danbury has been without power since Sunday's visit with Irene. Of  course there's a wait,  losers! Brand new fancy digs, everyone wants a bite!

   Craig and I made fun of people while Jessica deflated in embarrassment. It was a night to remember. I almost got spoilered on Sex and the City (by Craig, of course), Jessica had to send back her cheesecake because it was *gasp* frozen! Evidently they freeze the cheesecake. She replaced it with "classic" and her fork somehow made what looked remarkably like a shark bite...

Gross cell phone pic. Damn you Blackberry!
  I was appalled that she ordered plain cheesecake. They have like 50 varieties. Didn't stop me from taking  a bite off her plate...I also very much enjoyed Craig quoting back experiences from the blog that I had forgotten about! Life is busy. This is essentially my journal!

   That reminds me, I have been sitting on this comic gold for some time. This is what a giant would look like if they were holding a regular sized cupcake.

Corny? Tough.

   When I got home I was greeted with a 3/4 done bathroom floor AND the door is installed! Flabbergasted. Mainly because when I arrived Aaron said "Bob didn't get to come today" and I flew upstairs in a messy-haired tizzy ready to charge like a bull. I quickly gathered that he was messing with me and just said it so I'd be surprised. Um...good one?

   I have been closely monitoring the weather in Philly for this weekend. We adjusted our travel plans and will be heading out Saturday morning and partying it up (Read: wearing visors and being shuffled in and out of tourist spots like cattle). I'm beyond excited! Weather looks amazing, 85 and sunny Saturday.

Personal photo
   Maybe I'll come home to a completed bathroom and have a LOT to show you!