Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fabric Lovers

   I met my pregnant friend Sara this morning to chose some fabrics for her baby's nursery. We soon learned that if two women, one pregnant and one domineering, go fabric shopping together...they are partners. Life partners. According to the staff at Joann's. We were fine with it. I accepted congratulations along with her. Why not? It's Saturday. That's fun day.

   I learned that I am decisive and opinionated. It was really fun to pick the patterns, knowing her colors so well. It was like choosing for my own kid! (essentially I guess it was, since we are partners now.)

   Sara has chosen an adorable semi-owl themed bedding set and wanted to mix it up in the rest of the room. Naturally, I was fully on board with assisting as I have "eclectic" written all over me. The above are the outtakes. I had a huge eye watering allery-esque attack and ran out to my car to find a Dunkin napkin to clean up with. I came back and she had ousted the owl theme. Too much brown. But hilarious that I walk away for 20 seconds and she finds resolution. Guess I did help! We had a laugh and she felt better with her original color scheme.

   Super cute, right? And the crib is gray so it's so little boyish and fun. As I've told Sara, I will not be DIYing any of my child's room. This was just too confusing. Too many choices! So now Sara has her lamp shade, seat and bed skirt fabric. We were mistaken for Joann employees, lovers and then just ladies who needed a lot of fabric. Nicely done, Sara, nicely done. I can't wait for it to be done to share it with you all (and take partial credit for chosing some of the fabrics...). 

Have a great weeked everyone!


  1. Great textile choices! They really work well with each other. Very cohesive and complentary. I have included a link to an etsy shop that is all owl! I found it when looking for a going away present for an old coworker, LOVE IT!!!

  2. Oh em gee I am OBSESSED with that shop! Especially with the little owl band!! Oh yes, one (or more) of these will be coming to the nursery - thank you for the link!

    And I'm glad you like our fabric choices. Autumn was the perfect person for this event - she has a great eye, and is willing to yay or nay in a very constructive way. This was way harder than they portray it on HGTV. Thank you again, and I'd be happy to be your life partner any day!

  3. Posts like this make me wish A)I could sew and B)I had any follow through with my craftiness

  4. Hey Autumn, I wanted to say a huge thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award! I finally found some time to blog about it:

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate all your sweet comments!

    Happy Monday!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City