Tuesday, September 6, 2011

City of Brotherly Love

 Welcome back to the work week after a nice holiday weekend!  Philly. The city of Brotherly Love. The place I went to spend two awesome days with two amazing friends. Cheeseteaks were had by all.

Lisa and I

Mmmmm courtesy of Sonny's on Market Street

    When asked what we would be doing I replied that we'd be "sightseeing with visors and fanny packs". That's essentially why we went. Janice and Lisa had never been to Philadelphia, I have and enjoyed it so much I had to share it. I found a nice/cheap hotel right in the center of town which was semi-hard to find when you aren't used to navigating the streets down there. It's different from the cities up here because of the cobblestone...and the crazy street signs.

   Have you ever seen a "do not turn at all" sign? Well I drove by one as I was making a turn and didn't notice it. I got pulled over. Like the minute I crossed the threshold of Philly. Did not enjoy my convo with that officer of the law. He snarkily asked me if we had street signs in Connecticut. He let me go, don't worry. But it was frightening. Now onto the fun stuff!

To be clear, this photo was taken at Besty Ross's house. I asked them to put the hats on and "act old...fashioned". I didn't get the "fashioned" out quick enough. So they posed "old".

   At one point on Saturday we weren't sure what to do with ourselves so we decided to take a Duck Tour. I have always been hellbent against them seeing them pass in Cape Cod through the years. After reviewing the places it visits and the reasonable price, we went for it. We were taken to many areas we wouldn't have known to go to.
Quirky South Street

Taking to the sea- This property is owned by one Mr. Will Smith. When the 5 flags (pictured above) are out on display, it means he's in town!

Our insane driver, Tony, who gave intermittent life advice during the tour.

The street where "The Sixth Sense" was filmed. Chilling...<insert spooky sounds>

   Saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe (a "must see" for me in any major city. Hokey, yes. But I don't care.) The next morning we opted to hit up the other side of the city and see a mummy exhibit (totally for me, I heart mummies) at the Franklin Institute and it was soooo cool! That's the best way to describe it. I won't bore you with the details of the mummified bodies though. However I will share the photos taken at the gift shop.

Jan's run in with a mouth.
Photo speaks for itself.
Ben Franklin/Harry Potter glasses

Walking like an Egyptian. I don't know who buys these things. I'm convinced they are there for you to try on and take pictures in. Why does it even have a "for sale" tag on it?

   Our last stop was the Reading Terminal Market for some lunch and dessert (for me). It's this crazy indoor bazaar-type place where they have every type of food you can imagine, products, live music etc. We landed on a little diner for lunch and then walked around a bit.

   After passing 10-15 different people wearing cat shirts and carrying cats in carriers on the sidewalk we determined that a cat show must be in town. We did not attend this  "cat show" at the convention center. Jan isn't a huge fan of cats. One cat in particular that passed up on the street in it's little travel-house looked as if he was "out for blood". It was still cool to see all these fancy cats in their carrier passing us on the street.  We also voted and chose not to attend the "Magic Cards Convention" full of geeks. Keep your trading cards at home, boys. They lured them in with a HUGE billboard out front with an almost naked lady on it. They were knocking down the doors to get in *eye roll*. Sadly, that was where our journey ended.

   I had a wonderful long weekend, hope you all did too!!


  1. I see my horse's ass picture didn't make the blog... ;o) Or the drunken ones of me sliding off the bed. Good times!

  2. This looks like so much fun! My hubs would be so jealous of y'all with the cheesesteak! Having a true Philly cheesesteak is on his list of things to do. lol

  3. Aww I love Philly! Looks like you had a ton of fun and I especially liked the Egyptian pic. So funny! And that creepy street, I've been down there before. I never knew it was from the 6th sense, now its super creepy and I probably won't be able to go back.