Thursday, September 15, 2011

I missed it!

   Last night was the premier of "Up All Night" and I was informed today that I totally missed it. Probably because I was trying to teach Aaron a lesson about "not letting the sun go down on your anger" and turned off the tv to make a dramatic point. Then I fell asleep. Smooth as silk, Autumn.

   My friend Lisa said to me, and I quote, "I thought you had all your shows in your planner?" which I had shown her the other night. (I'm not a nerd, I just have a new planner that I'm enjoying using!)

   That was the only show I forgot to investigate and add. I thought I'd share my lineup of the shows I am calling my "must sees", both old and new.

The New Girl.  I enjoy Zooey Deschanel and her off kilter sense of humor. I expect this show to be pretty good.

That will be premiering next Tuesday night at 9 on Fox. Quirky and I think a winner.

Pan Am.  I love the 60s. I'm totally interested in this facet of the 60s and can't wait to see what these girls get into. I'm not a huge fan of Christina Ricci (she's still just a young Rosie O'Donnell from Now and Then to me), I don't see her as a heartthrob. I respected her in Monster, though. She was amazing. So we'll see if her forehead ruins this series for me.

Premiers September 25th, Sunday night next week at 10 (past my bed time, but I'll deal). Thoughts?

Up All Night. I adore Will Arnett. I miss Arrested Development. The reviews seem good, which I can say because I slept through it and this is all I have.

HAHAHA I'm still laughing at that commercial. I love Amy Poehler but I think these two should have gotten married in real life. That premiered last night, so it will be on Wednesdays at 8. Thankfully not going up against...

Modern Family. I dare say this is my favorite show. I can't get enough of this family. All the characters are brilliant, the casting is perfect. Bravo, tv creators. I was losing steam with just the NBC shows.

That's a snippet from the pilot. Which my mother originally described to me in great detail when it first aired because I wasn't interested and missed it (brings us back to my "I hate hype"). If you don't watch it, hop on board. You won't be sorry. On Wednesdays at 9 ABC.

30 Rock. Tried and true, classic Autumn brand comedy. I love Tina Fey (LOVE her book) and everything she touches turns to gold in my eyes. No date set for premier yet, I assume because she just had baby #2 and needs some mommy time.

The Office. You knew I was gonna say that. You know me. Thursdays at 9. We'll see. First full season sans Michael Scott. I don't know how much longer they can go. But I'll  afford them my intrigue for a few episodes.

How I Met Your Mother. Awesome ensemble, I can't WAIT for them to finally share who the mother is! But after some discussion, we aren't finding out yet. They renewed for 2 more seasons. Give us your best!

My friends and I oft make reference to the hot/crazy scale (aka the Vicky Mendoza diagonal). Learn it. Live it. Another one of those shoes I can sit and watch for hours at a time and just enjoy. If you haven't seen it, get it on Netflix or rent the seasons or something. Really. GO! DO IT!

   So that's my fall lineup! We are the last people on earth to not have DVR so if you try and make plans with me in the first few weeks of the fall on one of those nights, good luck to you.


  1. Love the line up! We are tv soul mates!!! Up all night started last night?! DARN!!!! I missed it! Thank you ON DEMAND!!!! My TiVo is going to BUST this season!

  2. What are your thoughts on Playboy Club? Looks similar to Mad Men -- a favorite of mine. Now that True Blood is over I am suffering TB withdrawal. Up all night looks good -- I freakin' love Maya Rudolph!

  3. NO DVR?!?! How do you keep up? You might have a super power! I love Modern Family. I also love all those stupid shows on CW like Gossip Girl and 90210. I hate myself while I watch them but I can't stop. I can't wait for Pan Am too although I'm a little disappointed Christina Ricci switched to tv.

  4. After last year, I'm pretty much done watching pilots. So cynical, I know - but out of all the 20ish new shows last year, how many got renewed? ONE. So I'm just not going to watch. It's not like I'm a neilson person... the shows I like will get canceled weather I watch them or not.
    And if a good one makes it, I'll catch up later.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Up All Night is HILARIOUS!!! Mike and I recorded and watched it last night and I am in love. I also LOVE Will Arnet (it's an illuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusion!!!) and he is excellent with Christina Applegate who I also love. Modern Family rules as well. I am disappointed that Glee is not on your lineup.

  6. I've heard not so good reviews on Playboy Club (most reviews are saying to watch Pan Am instead).

    Joe's favorite lady is Christina Ricci, followed by Zoey Deschanel. It's a good tv season for him.