Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carpet non-prep

   I am being SUCH a slacker. I am fully aware that I have to have EVERY knick knack and decor items removed from walls, shelves...basically any surface I have crap on, needs to be cleared off. I've done 5% of that at this time. I have tonight and tomorrow night to work on it as they will be gracing us with their presence 9 am Friday morning.

   In related news, the areas of the spare room I started to clean out a bit, a bigger mess has erupted, courtesy of Turk. We used purple feathers rather than flower petals at our wedding for my flower girl to drop. I have a ton left over because I grossly overestimated how many feathers would fit in her tiny basket. I came around the corner last night to this:

It looks like a purple bird got mauled in my guest room.

   90% of the items on the floor came off that shelf. By the cats. The other 10% was from the contractor who came over last night to "patch up" the holes he made in our dining room ceiling. He didn't get very far when he realized he "forgot something" and apparently bounced. He wasn't there when I got home at 7.

   I hope to God he doesn't think the hole he fixed there is done...because it looks like hell. But don't worry he'll back. Again. Tonight. So I can't comfortably walk around in sweats like a slob. Aaron says he's almost done and to get over it. That's super easy to say when you aren't the one who has to make small talk with this clown when all you want to do is lay on the couch with no bra and eat Oreos. Aaron gets home late, so it's a moot point for him.

   What I have started to pack has naturally been undone by cats as well. I don't know why I thought it brilliant to put an open box on the fireplace.

Luckily the "good stuff" wasn't in there when Apollo leaped in.

                              I will be at home this evening. Dealing with this nonsense. Think of me...

Totally regretting the "let's make our condo nicer!" idea.


  1. NONSENSE! And I love the DHS yearbook, btw...it truly was our time to shine. :-D

  2. but it will be so awesome when it's all finally done!

  3. I'll be thinking of you tonight when I am on the couch watching Glee with no bra on! ;)

  4. Ick that blows. However I love your molding.