Friday, October 28, 2011

FALL-ing out of line

   Say WHAT? Snow and freezing rain last night AND forecasted for the weekend. What happened to October and November, CT Weather Fairy? You're a tool. If I don't get to wear my Halloween costume because of snow...

And the fog around the moat...I mean the "lake" by our condos.

   I don't mind cold. If it's warm inside (Read: when my husband turns the heat on.) I nearly expired in the shower this morning. I couldn't stand the half of my body that wasn't under the hot stream of water as the air was frigid. I started to think there was an angry ghost in my bathroom (Creeper. Watchin' me shower). "When they get angry, it gets cold...." (Sixth Sense reference).

   I guess it's not only the weather that's ready for Winter. It's also, drumroll...Christmas Tree Shop! Here is a new take on candy corn. For the love of god...

   Not only is is snowing in October, but we have now turned a popular Halloween treat into a Christmas delight. We did some other scouring, naturally. There's a lot to look at in this mish-mash of weirdness discounted oddities.

I got 2 instant compliments the second this hate grazed my scalp. Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense for me to wear a Hannukah hat to church for Christmas Eve service though. So I passed.

Mom. Insisting that 25 cent soup is "just as good" as $4 soup from the regular store. She bought it. I have no doubts she'll keep us all posted. We then headed over to the mall to shop for my husband's birthday. 29. So young, so fragile. I think he needs...

Yes. That, my friends, is a beaver head rest. For travel. because who DOESN'T need this? I didn't buy it, relax. I knew Aaron didn't need a beaver head rest. That's why we got Apollo.

Have a wonderful Friday, friends! Happy birthday, Aaron :) xo


  1. Just wanted to send a little love your way and let you know that I love to read your posts

    You're right, who doesn't need a beaver head rest

  2. i definitely think you should have bought the beaver head!