Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleep Mousing

   Have you ever done anything weird at night that you were reminded of later? This sequence of random thoughts began by my friend Sara telling me she had a spider at her house last night and we started to discuss things we are afraid to kill. Don't ask me how I got to this topic. You don't wanna know.
   When  I was about 16 I remember waking up in a panic and shouting for my parents to come to my room. There was a MOUSE in my bed. I felt like it was crawling on me, which normally wouldn't upset me. I don't mind rodents! But this was in my bed as I slept. Creeper.

   Mom and Dad came flying up the stairs and ripped off the sheets as I danced on my tiptoes shuddering. There was nothing there! No mouse, not even a rogue sock. Turns out I was dreaming. oops. This brought me back to another time I spent the night at a friend's house and she awoke screeching around 2 am. I was around 17 maybe and her Mom came rushing in. "There's a purple spider in the beeeeed!!!" Terror overtook us all as her Mom searched for this being in the sheets.

   Then things started to focus...I remember asking "a purple spider? That seems odd, doesn't it?" Yep. Also a dream. And thank god for that. I assure you, if there was a purple spider in the bed I think we'd also be cleaning peed on sheets.

   Lastly, my roommate in college talked in her sleep. I once awakened to her aggressively babbling in the lower bunk and I said to her "Hey, you ok?" and she replied "Well if I looked like a f*cking orange, I'd be pissed too!" She had no recollection of this in the morning. The best kind!

   Anyone else have any crazy sleep stories? I love these! Please share!


  1. I don't do anything weird in my sleep ;)

  2. my husband totally does things like this in his sleep. one night he jumped out of bed and began "scooping the spiders" out of our bed. there were no spiders, but it was very entertaining.

  3. I had a dream I was fighting someone and I woke up when I actually punched a tissue box on my night stand.

  4. I'm surprised that Michelle didn't mention this...but one time in college apparently I talked in my sleep and said something about "oh yeah well I was at there at top of the mountain!" I have no idea what I was dreaming about.

    I can't watch discovery channel-esque shows about spiders or snakes before bed because I *will* dream about them and wake up freaked out and need to check my bed

  5. haha, that is too funny!
    I don't think i've ever been a sleep talker, but i've definitely had some frightening dreams that woke me up and had that feeling of relief when realizing it wasn't real.

    Chic on the Cheap