Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenge Extended...

  My cousin Natalie challenged me to a super fun task that I am ready to grab by the horns. Your top 10 favorite junk foods. The foods that would murder you if you ate them all the time. Foods that sound like a ticking clock when you eat them...because it's only a matter of time...

Here is my list of 10 naughty foods that I adore.

1. Pizza- Number one on the list because it genuinely is my favorite. I love pizza of all kinds, love trying it from different places with different toppings. I consider myself something of a pizza connoisseur. You can find an awesome recipe here.

2. Ice Cream. Any time of the day I could eat it. With whipped cream please. Below is my all time favorite. Thank you, Friendly's.


3. Cookies. My favorite are chocolate chip, but when not available, Double Stuf Oreos will do. Preferably some sort of holiday themed is a nice touch.

4. Cheeseburgers with french fries. I like them from many places with many toppings. I'm not ashamed to admit I love a cheeseburger from Wendy's.

5.  Pasta, especially with Alfredo sauce. I'm Italian. It's cheap and easy. All the stars really line up when I'm hungry and I have pasta at my fingertips.

6. Nachos. My husband and I take special trips to a restaurant nearby JUST for their nachos. They are to die for. Guacamole? Yes,  please.

Google images

7. Cheese. Oh my god do I love cheese. Cheese of all kinds! And put it on anything! Mac and cheese, anything Parmesan, string cheese, omelettes. Anything is better with cheese.

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8. Chinese Food. I'm being broad, which I know isn't right. But I don't have just one fave dish and lord knows none of it is really "good for you". Take me to PF Changs or a small family owned place. Bring on the soy sauce. But if you bring to hibachi, make sure you don't give me chopsticks. Watch me like a hawk.

9. Chips and dip. Ranch, veggie, onion. I don't care what flavor it is. If you put me in front of a bowl of chips and dip at a party, I won't walk away until I think someone noticed how much I have consumed. Also love a good hot cheese and spinach dip.


9. Chocolate. Candy bars, mini-candy bars, pudding, chocolate toppings. Nothing says "I love you" like chocolate dipped strawberries. I can't say no to them. As witnessed by my friend Sara when as an awesome birthday treat her hub sent her a bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries at work. Best. Idea. Ever.


10. Mexican Food. Again, another harsh generalization. But I love enchiladas, I love tacos, burritos, what have you (I don't count nachos in that because I feel they are really Americanized). Cover it in cheese and sour cream and I'll be your friend for life. OMG I'm hungry just looking at this pic.


   I really shouldn't have done this after a meal. Because now I'm hungry again. Thanks, food. Thanks a lot.
What are your faves! Do share!!


  1. This was the meanest post ever! Now I'm starving! My top three would be nachos, chinese food and mac and cheese!

  2. you and i are so on the same page.

  3. I agree with you almost 100%. I could eat pizza every day 3 times a day. I love it. I also believe nachos are a meal and the more guac, the better. 2 I would add to the list - string cheese (especially polly-o jalepeno) and anything greek. A greek place is opening at my corner, they won't know what hit them.

  4. I never could be a foodie because I love junk food way too much. I could live off of pizza & ice cream, seriously

  5. I subscribe to EVERYTHING on this list. LOVE. junk. food. :)

    Happy Friday!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  6. Its 8:04am on a Friday, just finished reading your list and now I am starving. Lunch seems so far away now! I am thinking Honey BBQ Chicken Melt for lunch. Is it to early to order Mexican? LoL GREAT LIST! There isn't anything wrong with a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's. :o)~