Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They're playing our song

   As I drove home from work my ipod was on shuffle (per the norm). It seems to fixate on the same 100 songs or so (if anyone knows how to trick it into playing everything, please tell me now). "Lady in Red" came on. As did a hilarious memory. It shot me back to my senior prom and a first dance with a guy I would date for a short time. It occurred to me that he probably had no idea what song we had danced to. Even at the time! Even thought it was SUCH a short time (we're talking like 2 months maybe) I still equate this song with him.

   Then I started thinking about other "our songs" I had with boys (yes, boys, not men). And how many break-up songs that accompany them. Which ones ended up on my ipod and which ones I don't dare listen to for fear that it will take me back to a suckier time. What you are about to experience is what I'd call "They're playing our song" playlist. Wonder how many of those guys would agree upon our songs. Or how many would loathe me for the break-up song (ha). I had a ton of fun planning this post out actually.

   We have "Lady in Red". In that case I did the cowardly breaking off and needed no recovery song.  My first serious boyfriend was in college. Freshman year. All very cliche so I won't bore you with the details. Our song, in this case dubbed by the gent, was a Sister Hazel song.

    So 1999, right? Correct. Shortly thereafter, I did the dumping. Even my 5 year old sister knew I went about it wrong and assigned "Oops I did it again" by Britney to the event. Thanks, Chelsea.

   Then came "Still the One" by Shania twain. I refuse to listen to it if I can avoid it. I will turn the station, it is certainly NOT on my ipod, and you can imagine my horror when my fiance suggested it as our wedding song. I didn't explain why at the time (I have since) but I said no at the time and left it at that. Shudder. This particular break-up had many songs, as we broke up many times.

   What girl wouldn't want to do an angry karaoke to this song?  Someday if I'm drunk enough, I may. Or perhaps you prefer the calmer break-up? We had those too.

   I actually still hear songs and wish I could play them for that ex. "Dear John" by Taylor Swift would be a delight. If only...
     Then there was the confusing...

Sometimes the oldies work just as well, guys. Don't hate.
The relationship was confusing, not the song. We're we together? Were we not? Was I going to hear from him this week? What a mess that was.  If I wasn't a Leo I prob wouldn't have loyally waited around so long.

This song also accompanied that relationship. For obvious reasons. It was so "Unwritten" because I had no idea what was happening!

That one was weird because we technically never broke up. No, we aren't still dating (that I know of). So that one didn't get a break-up song. Didn't earn one.

   Another mini-relationship that didn't get a song, but had a break-up song..."Gives You Hell" by All American Rejects. Awesome song to sing while thinking of that tool.

   The ones that stick sometimes don't have the sweet songs. When I met my husband the song "I Wanna Love You" by Akon and Snoop was first coming out and was at the top of the charts. Sadly, it was my ringtone for him for the 1st 6 months or so. I still chortle when I think about that. We did have a rough patch a few years ago and for that time I wish there had been a song, but there just wasn't. When we chose our wedding song we had a few favorites and landed on "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill which can be heard here. I think of Aaron whenever I hear "Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams because it came on as we parked the car at the beach the day he proposed.
   The funny things is that I hear songs ALL the time that remind me of Aaron and "could have been" our song. It's sad that you only get one at your wedding! But I think we picked it right. I guess if you find "the one", you should only get one song ;)

   Do you guys have any songs that remind you of your ex or of your current? Does hearing any of those songs brings you right back?

   This is my favorite song for us now. And I cry every time I watch the video...


  1. You Outta Know is my go to karaoke song:)

  2. Wrong. You did have a song during you and Aaron's rough patch...