Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A leisurely drive

   What would happen if one of my cats escaped in the car? You always see people with dogs in their laps and on the back window, panting away. But cats are a little more insane and most already hate the car to begin with. Enter: Turk.

   After a panicked car ride to the vet, she totally calmed down inside the office. She's very low key when she wants to be. Often times though, Apollo stares at her with disdain because she's bouncing off the walls and he's just so above that.

   On the ride home Turk got slightly aggressive. She was panting (like a dog...) and squeaking. I wanted to calm her down after she tried to burst through the netted sides of the travel carrier. Unzipped ever so cautiously, slipped my hand in and started petting her and she calmed right down. Suddenly, we're at a stop light and she has gone around my hand and 50% f her little body is OUT of the carrier. I try to affectionately shove her little head back into the case and she battles with me. It's rapid fire shoving.

And I lost. If you ever wondered what a cat loose in a car looked like, I now know and so does everyone who was on the road around me.

   I lure her back over to me... she excitedly looks out my window.

I get her in my hands and pop her back in the carrier. Safe and sound. I turn my head back and I'm about 3 miles from home now. I look back and she's out again! She literally unzipped her carrier with her kitten thumbs and hopped on out like she owned the place! We were so close to home and being out of the carrier calmed her so much I let her stay. I got her in my lap and held her with one hand. Not even petting her, just had a vice grip on her little body so she wouldn't dart under the brake pedal.

We make eye contact. Her giant hazel, scheming eyes meet my dark brown eyes, now filled with fear. We have a stare down in this exact position for a couple seconds. I look back at the road. We're good. Almost home. And in that very position seen above is where she falls asleep in my left hand. I unclench my teeth and relax the last 30 seconds. We're home! Sigh.


  1. she is so cute! i never would have even thought about her getting under the brake pedal! holy cow!

  2. Aww, such a cute cat! And very lively as well, I can see :) Tell me, how were you even able to drive while holding her and snapping pictures? Wow!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City