Tuesday, October 4, 2011

End of home reno...forever

   Carpet is DONE! My house still looks like we left the windows open during a tornado, though. The best part was when Apollo walked on it for the first time he didn't know what it was and walked with all 20 claws out at full attention. He got caught with every step like he had Velcro on his feet. Hilarious!

Here are the "before" pictures.

It was just old and dingy. The previous owner had a huge lab and several cats and apparently never vacuumed.

   It was installed Friday, so I entered my foyer at 6 pm to find that the carpet didn't think we did a very good job emptying the living room.

Even Turk was horrified! Couch cushion son top of the cat food station. Freaking narsty.

This was our handiwork, making use of the new bathroom. Crap from the spare bedroom closet.

Our plea to not let the cats out mid-install.

Drumroll...for the new darker carpet!

My house is still a mess. But I took the time to decorate for Halloween, of course. It's October, after all.

And I found this in the spare bath sink, along with my "dead prom queen" dress from Halloween years ago.

   Things are almost back to normal! Except for that cat...



  1. random note: I was debating about being a suicide "almost prom queen" this year...how did you do the costume?

  2. It looks gorgeous! We have something very similar - I looooove patterns. And I love Apollo. So I'm trying something to see if I'll actually start getting your updates. I unfollowed you and I'm going to re-follow you. I noticed on Jessica's blog, your posts haven't updated in 2 months either. SO WEIRD. SCREW YOU GOOGLE.