Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #4

   I'm a quite relieved for Friday this week. It's been an abnormally tense week. Little Turk goes in today to get fixed and have her hernia send out good thoughts!

   Now what you're all here for. The meat and potatoes. The facts.

1. I've been promoted! I was going to save that for last. But it's bursting out of me! I was offered a management position within my company, without so much as an interview. Just a phone call, and an offer. I didn't think stuff like that happened in real life, But fyi- it DO. My last day at my current job is October 21st. Thrilling!!

2. I got up at 2:58 am today to pre-order my first iPhone. It's not crazy, because millions of people did it. I know that because of how clogged the sites were.  It was frustrating  as it took an hour and 26 minutes minute to get a transaction to go all the way through! Let's hope Sprint doesn't pride themselves on their prep for orders and website ease of use. I love their service but man this SUCKED. Little did I know when Turk followed me into the bathroom (that's where I online shop, I guess) and I sat on the closed toilet lid and just kept her in my lap so she wouldn't dance across the keyboard and order my iPhone in the wrong color by mistake.

3. I bought Boo Berry cereal and keep forgetting to eat it. I saw it, had to have it and brought it home. I have forgotten to eat to 5 consecutive days. I consider it a snack food, not breakfast. I took it off the shelf this am and considered it. Then I remembered I'm not 14 and it's not acceptable for an adult to eat this and then take 5 multi-vitamins. Remind me later though...

This picture is terrifying. Hence why I had to share it. Those are the sugary Halloween cereal mascots.
 4. I saw a kid fall last night and I laughed. I can't preface that. It's just like it sounds. She was probably 12 or 13, whining while she walked up the stairs at a restaurant where  my husband and I were downing a plate of nachos. She was with 2 friends and she face planted. And it was HILARIOUS. She wasn't hurt...relax. No I didn't verify that before I chortled. I almost never do.

5. I fell asleep during Modern Family this week. The only show I  hardcore "must see". I saw the first 5 minutes then dozed off. I have some catching up to do this weekend on TV that I missed this week. It's a good thing, considering I won't be able to leave Turk much. They have a thing about kittens not running or jumping when they recovering from surgery. Somehow I don't think "hey don't do that!" will work. She doesn't respond to that when she's teetering on the curio cabinet.

Have a wonderous day!


  1. sending positive thoughts your way!!! Congrats on the new job and the new phone! and I laughed at my son falling yesterday! lol yep, also as it sounds!

  2. How our lives intertwine: I am getting my first iphone tomorrow! I'm soooooo pumped and cannot wait. We should play words with friends. Second, I just bought Boo Berry cereal! And your picture is incredible. Other than that, Happy Promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting! Have a good weekend!

  3. I can't believe you caved and got an iPhone! Hope Turk is doing well! Maui had surgery herself today, so she's currently woozed-out on the floor next to me! Here's to a month WITHOUT pet drama for either one of us!

  4. Congrats on the promotion!!! So exciting!

    I LOVE my iPhone. Let me know if you need suggestions for apps! I'm full of them! :)

  5. Wow congratulations on the promotion :) You really deserve it! and I also feel your pain when it comes to phone ordering transactions -.-

    :) natalie

  6. love this blog! pass to mine and follow!!!!