Thursday, October 6, 2011

Night Guard

   I am going to keep this one short as I shouldn't be allowed to speak for the rest of the day. Yesterday I went to the dentist to get  a "night guard" that goes in your mouth and keeps your teeth from grinding and clenching in your sleep. I have had terrible headaches for YEARS. I'm out of options so I asked the dentist and that's when the "suddenly noticed" I had tell tale signs of grinding. Great.

   I get fitted for this weird little device that clips over your two front teeth and rests on the roof of your mouth to keep your teeth from meeting each other. It looks like, for lack of a better term, Bugs Bunny.

Photo courtesy of ME outside the dentists office.

   Last night was "night one". Ground zero. It didn't make me sleep any better just yet, but I felt relief on my jaw when I woke it worked! I called my mom to tell her the exciting news.

*Preface- I work as corporate security personnel at a client site. I manage payroll, schedules, paperwork etc. for all the guards here.

Me- So I did it! I slept with the night guard.

Mom- *silence*

Me- No! Not one of my guards! *laughter* I slept with the night guard in my mouth!

Mom- *bigger laughter*

Me- AGHHH no! The bite plate. I slept with the bite plate in my mouth. Not a my mouth. Geez, Ma!

Mom- You haven't said that to anyone else yet, right?

Me- No.

Mom- *laughing* Good! DON'T!

Aaaaaand scene.

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  1. I love that your mom finds that funny. My mom kept saying teabag one day until I couldn't take it anymore and almost died from a sudden burst of laughter.