Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend ends

   I just spent the better part of 2 days getting my whole house back in order...and it's DONE!!! I did about 10 loads of do 2 adults make that much laundry? I'm going to start wearing things inside-out to get a second use. Really start saving on detergent too I bet...

Upon ending the last load of laundry I normally assemble all Aaron's socks. They got me this time though. How many different kinds of short black socks are in this house?? And no, none of these had a fellow.

   Little Turk's surgery went great. Hernia fixed, spayed. Maybe now she'll stop giving Apollo that
"come hither" look. Look at that poor little shaved belly :( She had a fever yesterday, but she's great now. Back to giving us all a run for our money.


   And last but not least.  I bought 2 new cats beds when we were told we had fleas (we did not...). I don't know if I was angrier because we didn't have them and all the trouble I went to to "get them gone"...or maybe should have just been overjoyed we DIDN'T have them. Drama. So their cat beds had to be tossed. Apollo had the same cat bed since we brought him home. He hid in protest.
  We usually find him in weird places, but he needed a bed. So did Turk. TODAY, months later, is the first time I saw either of then near the new beds. And both of them (at different times) slept in the same on. Sigh.

    OK. I don't feel like cooking, so I'm grilling hot dogs for dinner.  A real gourmet...

Um...P.s. while I was writing this- this happened. Literally just now. 
Attention whores.

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