Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Autumn. I'm disgusting.

   Yesterday I had about 10 crackers with Nutella on them for mid-morning snack. Or "Second Breakfast" as the Hobbits say.  I ate a grilled cheese (with 2 cheeses) and fries for lunch. I got the hiccups for an hour and a half, probably due to extreme indigestion. I went to a meeting with the hiccups and everyone got a kick out of me almost vomiting, business style.

   Went back to my desk and ate 2 "snack sized" Reeses peanut butter pumpkins. Drank some water. Hiccups went away. Ate some Mentos. Felt sick again. Had a fleeting thought of Nutella and busted the near-empty jar back out. Because eating even more with sugar in it would unequivocally help.

   When I was done scraping it with the knife all I could, it looked like this:

   Cut to me deciding that it would be better if I just used a spoon, no crackers and ate it directly from the jar. Until it looked like this:

   Then my boss came back in and I had Nutella on my face.

   Then my Blackberry rebelled against me. Probably because I keep checking my tracking for the new phone ON the Blackberry. Now she knows. And she is a fickle lover. iPhone hasn't even shipped yet. BB, calm it down.

   Went home. Ordered pizza because I needed tickets to see Lorraine Warren (famed CT ghost hunter) and they were selling them at the pizza place that we've never been to. This is where things get really weird. I asked Aaron of he could pick up the pizza since it's in a nearby town on his way home. This was the convo that nearly led me to eat some more at my desk (maybe the plastic container the Nutella came in?):

Aaron: The place you said where it was. That wasn't the right place

Me: OK. I'm looking at map quest and it says it's right off 64. In Middlebury. It's just farther down.

Aaron: Maybe it on the right.

Aaron: I mean left.  (this is all very helpful at this point)

Me: OK.

Aaron: Well which is it?

Me: idk! USE THE GPS ON YOUR PHONE!!! That's what I do when I need to find something!

Aaron: Thanks dear xo

   I know. Sarcasm not so attractive on someone else. And the end result? No pizza. He couldn't "find the place" even though he has internet and GPS on his phone.

Now I'm going to eat some more peanut butter pumpkins. This whole thing stressed me out just to retype. And I feel sick thinking about the smorgasbord of crap I ate yesterday.


  1. I AM disgusted - not because of all the food you ate, but because you had a jar of Nutella at your desk and never was I offered a spoonful. And yes, crackers just get in the way - what were you thinking?

  2. If it makes you feel better I (more often than I should admit) have candy or chips and dip for dinner

  3. How funny...looks like a familiar jar at my house!!

  4. Hope your new iphone comes soon!
    (i refuse to comment on the food you ate, because i always yell at my sister and best friend when they tell me about all the food they ate and how sick they feel and how they want to go eat more and are both of course skinnier than me)

  5. My two favorite things about this post were......YOU WERE TRYING TO GET TICKETS TO SEE LORRAINE! Love when she is on tv and second....I love that in both of the pictures of the empty jar you had your pinky up! LOL Silly things that I notice! Happy Friday! :o)