Wednesday, October 19, 2011


   I should have known it was going to be a rough week. I only have one episode of Mad Men on Netflix left. I stubbed my thumb plugging in my aPhone. Then last night I got into a one sided argument with my husband. You know those weeks when things happen and it's really nothing awful at all...but it's just a lot of little things and you want to say. OK, universe! Enough! Luckily I'm going to visit my dear friends in Maryland this weekend through Tuesday, so there is a very silver lining!

   I'm crabby so I feel like this post should be upbeat. We're expecting a Nor'easter today.  These are a few things I'd SO love to buy for the Fall/ Winter coming up, but I won't because I'm more mature than I was last year (lol).

Boots. I want a cute pair of boots because all I have is fake Uggs, mainly. I doubt I'd find a lot of outfits to wear these with but they look SO cozy!

Thanks to Nine West

How about a nice warm colored Betsey Johnson bag? Yes please. She's probably my favorite bag designer because nothing is run of the mill.

Betsey Johnson

   And while we're at it...these earrings would match my new job perfectly once I start it!

A steal for $40!

   Not necessarily this blazer, but I dig the semi-nautical look. I don't usually identify boats with Fall and Winter but I think this year the trend seems to be lingering past August. All aboard.

One good reason NOT to buy this. It's $498. Scoff.

   GASP! I love coats. Especially dress coats. This one is so "Mad Men". But again, Anthropologie, you're killin' me.

$498 again? Really?
   Perhaps a cozy, chunky sweater? My only issue with Winter clothing is the sleeves. I'm tall and the sleeves often times don't fit right. I'm sure this sweater (the only thing I on this list I would actually spend money on right now because it's cheap) would be too short for me, sleeve-wise.

Super cheap! 
  What do you all want ? What's on "your list"?


  1. oooh I love me a chunky sweater! Except, being 5'2, most sleeves are too long on me, so I end up doing the Jennifer Love Hewitt circa Party of Five thing of holding the sleeves with my thumbs... (anyone? anyone?)

  2. i too am longing for a cozy sweater. i'll take that blazer too while we're at it.

  3. I asked my dad for a pair of Hunters for Christmas. He wrote back "Are you SURE those are what you want? They're not very fashionable." Yes dad - buy them now.

    ps- I'm going to be Betty Draper for Halloween and my fiance is going to be Don. woo hoo!

  4. a new wool coat is pretty much the only thing i like about winter.
    and i know how you feel, when just a million tiny things go wrong and you simply can not deal anymore!
    hope the weekend comes quickly!

    Chic on the Cheap