Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #6

   Blogisphere. Hello.

   It's Friday and I have a long weekend as I am off Monday and Tuesday of next week. Super excited about this! So join me in my 5 things for Friday as we count down to the weekend! I can post this one now because I have stuff in here about a surprise event for a co-worker and it's done there will be no cats getting out of any bags.

1. If I had my my way I'd eat out every night. By "my way" I naturally mean "If I was independently wealthy". That pipe dream is out. But I do ask Aaron to go out every now and again. I just love the experience of deciding what you want, ordering, waiting for the food and then choosing a dessert. It's enticing.

2. I love getting dressed up. That's probably part of the appeal of Halloween, weddings and the like. I love a whole outfit, accessorized to the tee. Dresses, heels, makeup.

3. I hate 'know-it-alls" even though sometimes I am one. Everyone in a work place is replaceable. No one knows everything about everything, so just calm it down. I don't act like that at work but I def do at home or with my family. Clearly I need to take my own advice.

4. I have the "Graduation Goggles". This has been occurring here and there. It's when you're about to leave a job and suddenly nothing seems bad anymore and the people are all so sweet and wonderful to be around. Dubbed by Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Of course that feeling is fleeting. Especially in the past day or two. I realize I will still be able to eat lunch at my next job. Even if they don't have an awesome grill...

5. I  am somewhat creative. My parents are artists, cameras their weapon of choice. I was raised to be creative and love the arts. Though I work in an  office and disappointed my family (lol) I still have some of that creative juice. I made this adorable little onesie for my work friend's baby shower today! Inspired by Sara who thought of the tie and bow tie idea for a little boy's theme. My boss wanted to have a little something more for her besides the gift card.

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  1. that onesie is too cute! i wish i was creative in the least bit. enjoy your days off!