Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Shopping

   I had a very low key weekend, spent a lot of time by myself with iPhone. My new lady love. I named her "aPhone". The best thing so far is the pic taking capabilities! I wish I had taken pictures at the pumpkin sale but sadly I didn't know how to yet. I stopped at the legendary Stew Leonard's on Saturday morning for a much needed pumpkin for my front steps. Nothing says "Harvest" like Abba's "Dancing Queen" playing over the speakers as you pumpkin shop...right?

   You can't say that isn't a gorgeous pumpkin. If you do, you're a liar. The backside isn't as pretty. Just like our Christmas tree last year. Aaron worked all weekend so I went to the "patch" alone. I got looks. People judged me. I actually enjoyed it though because if pumpkin picking is anything like Christmas tree hunting with Aaron, I'd rather go alone. I was not raised with real trees. We had a fake one because of the cats and the needles and mess. My opinion doesn't count when we get to the tree farm. In this case, I doubt Aaron even noticed our proud little pumpkin...

Our horribly ugly front stoop.

Awesome door decor which now makes it impossible to know if there is a serial killer at my front door. Worth it.

   And the best door mat EVER. So now the front of our home is good to go. Now we needed costumes. I have mine picked but my sister did not, so we headed to the Halloween store.

Me- I want to stop at the Halloween store in town.

Chelsea- OK. What do they sell there? Costumes?

Me- What? What do they sell at the HALLOWEEN STORE?...

It only got worse from there so that's all I'll share. They had costumes, I got my wig cap and gloves for my costume. I also admired some of the amazing decor. One thing we both felt a little uneasy about though...the zombie babies.

This little number hung on a swing just above our heads. Terror evoking.

   Um eew. I am afraid to even look at this. A bit later we were headed to an event at a nearby high school and I took out aPhone to take a pic and this was the last photo I had shot and it came flashing up on the screen. Please note: I will be deleting it from my phone now. I don't know why people would want to be scared of these things in their own homes. That's like saying "Chucky is horrific. Let me bring him home. " Please don't.

   I also did eventually get tickets to see Lorraine Warren. It was awesome! Look her up if you don't know who she is!! So spooky and fun.

Happy Monday, kids.




  1. So how are you doing with your new phone? I'm still confused and its been a week. I never read the manual though so that could be my own fault. And also, baby zombies? Thats the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

  2. Riley LOVED the zombie babies!! She was laughing hysterically at them! Reese grabbed her costume and wanted to get the hell out! haha

  3. I went to the same Halloween store and those zombie babies TERRIFIED me!! They're so creepy! I couldn't even walk from one side of the store to the other due to the freaky zombie babies.