Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #5

   Happy Friday to all! This week kind of flew by because work has been...weird. Let's leave it at that. Pretty happy the week is done and at some point today I will be the owner of my first ever iPhone! I'm gonna be like this kid when I finally receive it.

1. If I don't get my eyebrows waxed, I look like Brooke Shields. And not in a good way. I didn't start this process until I was probably 17 or 18 because my Mom has VERY light eyebrows and didn't ever have to! It's OK Mom. I figured it out! ha ha

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2. I HATE it when people talk over me. If I am trying to get a point across and someone interrupts over me loudly or talks over me...nothing instigates me more. I'm super competitive. Don't try me.

3. I recently checked out my Klout score. Klout is this crazy site that tells you how influential you are on the webs. My score was 45. It's now 40. Who stopped listening? Everyone is still here, and then some! The site is clearly not very intuitive because it listed my "Topics I Influence On" as "Hannah Montana, Photography and Justin Bieber". There are no words.

4. I do the robot whenever possible. Does that need an explanation? I've done it in business meetings, at restaurants, in line at the store. Whenever. Just lightens the mood. And no, I'm not good at it.

5. I read so many blogs that I have been forgetting to check My morning usually consisted of checking news, checking my FB and checking People for important celeb knowledge. I have been so intrigued by all your blogs, and blogs I found from all your blogs...I don't care about celebs as much now! You guys are my new celebs now. So hey, thanks for being awesome!


  1. This was hysterical. What a great post! And thank YOU for reading the blogs!

  2. now i'm going to have to check out klout!

  3. hahah! i stopped reading people since i started reading all the blogs too :)

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

  4. So of course I just did the robot with you in spirit as I read your post. At my desk, just a little hanging wrist action. Nothing to severe or crazy, I tend to save that type of stuff for around lunch time! :o)