Thursday, July 14, 2011

Runners Brain

   I forced myself to get up at 6:10 with my alarm (despite the fact that I woke up, per the usual, at 3:38...) and drag my lifeless body to go for a run/power walk. I would much rather be alone on the road. This is why I hate running on treadmills at the gym. Why do I feel empowered if I can run faster than a 58 year old menopausal woman on the treadmill next to me? Why do I feel the need to keep up with the 20 year old athlete in summer training for his college soccer team? The answer is "because I'm stupid". But it's OK because I have brand new amazing Nike sneakers and they inspire me to get out there.

   So I head out and Aaron isn't even stirring in the bed yet. I go for about a mile and haven't seen a soul (yes!). I'm sweating and really making good time, I feel good. I slow down and start walking as I have now gotten to the part of my run that is uphill, back towards my condo. And of course now somehow is religiously running down the hill toward me. Why now? Why not a minute ago when I was hauling? Now I just look like some lazy 29 year old who is half-assedly loafing up a hill. And what really ruined the "sighting"...I said "good morning" to him and he ignored me.

   I begin jogging again. Uphill.

   I get home and the cat is nowhere to be seen (still asleep in his basket), Aaron is not in his usual 7 am locale (the couch with a blanket watching Sports Center). I trot upstairs to find them and Aaron tells me he rolled over around 6:15 saying "Autumn? ...Autumn?" and I wasn't there. I told him I had gone for a "run". "Oh good. I just figured the aliens finally got you".

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