Thursday, July 21, 2011

The "Pribe of libe"

   Good morning, blogisphere. I was struck down with cold-like symptoms yesterday and last night. So I dealt with this via new method. My wonderful hub made me a grilled cheese sandwich, I watched an old Mel Gibson movie (which I actually really enjoyed...and I'm not a Mel follower), and then 2 Tylenol pm and went to sleep. Woke up feeling at least 50% better! Last night's overall mood reminded me of one of my fave Friends episodes, clip found HERE, Watch that and minus the "trying to get Chandler in the bedroom" part, that was me last night.

   The fun part of last night was opening my mailbox to discover a package! I love mail. And even more than mail, I love getting packages in the mail. I'm pretty sure that's why I do so much online shopping. It's like surprising myself with something I pre-selected and paid for. I open the mailbox to see "The Hoffmans" yaaaaayyy!! What can it be! Janice is my oldest friend in the world. She is my treasure. Jan recently went on this amazing expedition of London and Paris and had told me she had souvenirs for me. I certainly didn't expect them via mail, so it was doubly awesome! I opened the package to find:

   Vintage art postcards from The Louvre! #1 I LOVE CATS. I actually own 3 or 4 of the prints on the postcards in poster form! Nail? Yes, it's been hit on the head.

   A cat mirror with my favorite vintage poster of all time...home run. Then my other love; peacock print. A case from Harrods in London that low and behold, fits my camera flawlessly! Since I'm taking more pics now for blogging it's perfect and protects my camera while in my overflowing purse. Jan knows her audience!

   Then I watched the movie "Forever Young" starring a young Elijah Wood (like we're talking 11 years old), boisterous Jamie Lee Curtis and of course Mel Gibson. Good flick, ended with the phrase "So you gonna marry me, or what?" verbatim. This sent me reeling because those were the exact words Aaron said to me when he proposed to me! I couldn't believe my clogged ears!

   When Aaron called to check in on me (he had  gone to a friends house to plan a bachelor party for his BFF) I told him about Mel's proposal. He laughed and said what I knew he'd say because it's one of his most told stories. He asked if Mel had also had his original proposal ruined. This is because I was unaware of my original proposal and botched it. Aaron had gotten my ring on a Wednesday in June and it was burning a hole in his pocket. He had several ideas for the proposal planned but couldn't wait (aww!).

   That Friday he sneakily put the bulky ring box under my pillow for me to feel when I laid my head to rest. Sadly, I did not feel it and continually slammed my head against the pillow trying to get comfortable and the ring was not found. After the lights went out he snuck his hand under the pillow to remove the ring box and put it back in his messy nightstand, he knew I'd never go in there. He did end up proposing that Sunday after a day of walking and admiringng beach houses in Fairfield, CT.

   So that's that. It's just me, my husband, and our wonderfully large cat.


  1. I'm so glad you love the souveniers! There are WAY too many things to buy you over seas. You are the easiest person in the world. To shop for. Get your mind out of the gutter. I also being referred to as your "Treasure." A high compliment and also a possible stripper name for when Jason's job just can't pay those bills. Stripper name for me, obv. Not him. Though, 'Treasure' could have a masculine ring to it...

  2. Note - two typos I saw post-posting..."overseas" (one word) and I also ^enjoy^ being referred to as your "Treasure"...I'm sorry.

  3. hahaha I still enjoyed every word and didn't notice EITHER typo. I am easy. err, to shop for.

  4. Aww the proposal! My bf was going to propose to me on Thursday night but I was drunk and kept falling asleep while he was talking to me. We were on vacation! He woke me up the next morning and finally asked, after I yelled at him to let me sleep. I'm lucky he asked me at all! And your cat is enormous therefor I love it.

  5. Michelle I love that you felt the need to clarify you were on vacation and that being too drunk to function is not a normal Thursday routine :)