Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ghosts in the house...In my dream, anyways

   So we're back to crazy dreams again I guess. That's was delirium does to a brain? I had a dream that there was this amazing house for sale and it was enormous, had a pool, manicured lawns, huge picture windows and skylights, intricate detail inside the house. Masterfully crafted. It looked like a scale doll house, and who doesn't want to live in a real live dollhouse?  Aaron and I went to look at it, wondering why it was just $179k (where my brain got that number, I can't ponder). We bump into the two daughters who live in the house and they pull us aside.

   "So why is the house so cheap? Is it haunted or something?" we laugh it off. Their faces grow somber...

   Yes, the house is haunted. Normally I'd be dancing in the streets. I love hauntings. And right away we begin to experience these "spirits". They are closing blinds after we open them, pushing us down stairs, and more frighteningly...turning us against each other. Luckily we didn't have pets in the dream. I can only imagine how special it would have been to see my precious Apollo hurled against a window in my sleep at the hands of a vengeful dog-preferring ghost. By the end of the dream we realized we were running late for a wedding and Aaron was trying to kill me. Really, subconscious? I startled awake with a cat on my head. Then all was well with the world again.

    I'm like "Night of the Living Dead" today. I'm shocked no one has said to me yet "wow, are you OK?" just based on my outfit/face/hair. I'll go ahead through the motions, as I did on the road today. Put the Civic on auto-pilot and got here somehow. Safe, I know. It took me almost 20 minutes to realize I was cold because the damn AC was on.

   Besides trying to keep myself awake until bedtime last night I also got around to some minor decorating of my two new silver shelves. Aaron had hung them for me Sunday night and did what I consider to be a "not so good" job. Aaron is 6'7. I wanted the silver shelves to be mid-way on the wall so I could put fun, interchangeable decor on them, depending on the season. This is what I got. Please note the distance from the top of the 10 or 11 foot wall and the left shelf...

   His argument: they're fine. You can still put things on them and they'll be seen. False. I can on the right.
He arranged it based on his height. All our normal sized friends and company won't be able to see a thing! He won't fix it. He "doesn't want any more holes in the walls". Why do we even paint walls to begin with? Men don't want us decorating them, but the whole purpose of painting a wall is to make it more current and desirable looking, correct? Sigh.

   I wanted a letter "V" somewhere int he room to reflect our newly formed family (aww) and I googled a monogram. I came out with this really cool one, copied it and pasted onto a Word document and printed that B! I framed it with a cheapy frame (also courtesy of Xmas Tree Shops) and here's what I got.

   I LOVE this V. It's my new BFF.  I adore monograms to begin with. Anything personalized I just die for. Probably because my hippie-parents gave me a name that never appeared on barrettes or pencils growing up. Did anyone else have that issue? Any weird spellings of common names or any uncommon names that also afflicted you with "no backpacks with your name on them"? Good lord, when the LL Bean backpacks were all the rage in middle school I was one of the first to ask for one with my WHOLE name on it. Take that! Or rather "here you go, kidnappers! Kid on a silver platter!" 

   Luckily "Autumn" is a little more mainstream now and my friend Lisa was able to find me a puzzle that says "Autumn" on it. I will cherish it...

   Now I leave you with anther favorite picture that would NOT look so good on my silver shelf, but deserves equal blogging time.

Courtesy of one of my "must see" sites www.icanhazcheezburger.com. If you need a laugh at any time of the day, you just go there. Nancy, 9+ months pregnant visits regularly and passes along her favorites. So this one's for you, Nan :) Now have that baby! Hurry, there's another heat wave coming... 

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  1. Try Alix with an I instead of E. Never failed - no keychain license plates. No Christmas ornaments at truck stops.

    And yes. Men are mental. They don't want to put holes in the wall. They don't put things up right. *sigh* get some sleep tonight. Otherwise London dreams will come calling.