Wednesday, July 27, 2011

80% of your brownie points

   I spent the evening last night doing my wedding thank you's (with assistance from a tiny kitten) which ended with me terrified because I was watching an especially creepy episode of "Paranormal State". It also ended with a raw finger from the pen and ink all over my hands. Maybe I'm holding the pen wrong all these years?

   Either way, they are done now. And I learned that I am not brave enough to be home alone with the sliding door open that faces the woods once darkness falls. My one small consolation was that my Mother-in-law does live right next door...except I couldn't hear her TV. Which means her sliders weren't open. Which means as the murderous little girl ghost avenging her untimely death entered my home, she would not hear my muffled screams.  Awesome. The cats would probably just continue what they were doing. Turk would not protect me. He'd keep doing this:

   **Disclaimer- I just wanted to show you the above picture. That's the only reason for any of this post today.**

   All jokes aside (hahah that's funny in itself), I came home to find that my husband had vacuumed the living room before he left for work. Which is amazing, because vacuuming is my sing;e least favorite household task. If the vacuum did more work on it's own I may feel differently. I may as well bend over and start picking up lint and cat fur myself at the rate of energy it takes for me to push this damn vacuum. So Aaron vacuumed, for which I thank him. But I would like to point out that if you are awesome and really want to help your wife the second half of the task is putting the vacuum away.

   This was the main reason I knew he vacuumed. I give you 80% of the brownie points you would have earned had you finished the last 20% of your task. Sigh. But it was still a sweet gesture. I have been afraid to try vacuuming since we brought Turk home. I don't want to send him flying into the fireplace again in terror. I can't wipe ashes off a cat over and over again. Apollo did the same thing the day we bought him home. All white, long fur + ashes= DO NOT LET THE CAT DO THAT AGAIN. He was a mess.

   So after I decided I would do the thank you's, I popped a delicious frozen Newman's Own pizza into the over (I was home alone. I can eat whatever the hell I want so SHUT UP). It was time to tackle the upstairs silver shelving fiasco. I was informed that I am not eligible to move the shelves myself. Which meant I had to find something to fit on the 10 foot tall shelf my super-tall honey nailed into place. Of course I won't give up until I win this battle. Probably spent more time than a human should on decorating ONE shelf in a spare bedroom. But this was what I came up with. I took this photo from the floor and I'm hoping a normal sized individual (ie., all my friends) will be able to see the items on said shelf.

   The left shelf now contains a photo of my Grandpa when he was in the army, a tiny little bud vase with fake flower (courtesy IKEA trip found here. ), and an awesome canvas style print my friend Jessica made with her work's photo and gift site SeeHere . Turned out to be a good fit! So one shelf has an engagement pic and the other vases from our rehearsal dinner. Keepin' the wedding flow in my condo.  We spent a wealth of time and money on it, so let's remember it, right? Whatever. Be thankful I didn't start this piece until post-wedding. You would have hated me prior.

    My last thought is the car that was in front of me on my ride home from work last night. The car had a labeled "repair" license plate. I'm assuming this means they are borrowing the car while theirs is repaired?   Perhaps it meant they were a car repair service? I don't know. However, my brain was concerned when I got close enough to see how FILTHY this car was. If this was a loaner, why did they chose to go "off roading" in a Volvo when it wasn't theirs? All I could think was "eew who can I show this to? Then I remembered I had my camera with me. Score.

I would also like to add that this car was behind me when the skies opened up and torrential downpour came crashing down about 10 minutes prior. How dirty does a car have to be for "cats and dogs" to not even make a dent in the dirt? Yuck. Get that WASHED before you return it. You're embarrassing yourself, Volvo.   

 *all photos are personal unless specified*


  1. Thank you!! He totally knows it though and plays it against me. I literally have a scratch on my THROAT from him and I laughed it off.