Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never be early for work

   My birthday is August 13th. I will be turning 30 on that blessed day. When I heard that Cheesecake Factory was coming to our mall, I was beyond tickled when they said "in August of 2011". Imagine my consternation when today I took the long route in to work to check on their progress. My birthday is in about 3 weeks. This is all they have to show?

   Apparently these folks are in NO hurry. Thanks for nothing, Factory. Guess I'll have to go somewhere less awesome for my birthday. *tear*

   As I sat in the parking lot (like a creeper) watching the progress with my camera in tow, my eye was drawn to an interesting "character" also intrigued by the progress. I watched this individual walk in erratic lines across the lot, destination: nowhere. This person got VERY close to me sitting in my car and put the fear of God in me.

   I can't tell you any details because it's all a blur. I'd like to try to not make fun of people on my blog as I would in daily life so you all think I'm nice. But the idea of letting this visual feast escape my lens was too much to bear.  So there it is.

   At this point in the morning I was about 20 minutes early to work and I didn't want to elicit reactions from my superiors (often times I get greeted as I walk in with an over dramatic semi-sarcastic hello, especially if I'm way early). So I shuffled around to another parking lot nearby to sit and perhaps check Facebook. It occurred to me whilst I sat and doodled around my phone that no stores that I need open in time for me to get there before work, short of CVS and Stop & Shop. Why is that? Why do you think I DON'T need a bookmark and/or magazine at 8 am Barnes and Noble? Hey Babies R Us...maybe I'm curious and want to peruse? They were all closed and mocking me in this plaza. Then I saw this:

   Dear Christmas Tree Shops; Your items are dirt cheap. If you are telling me you are having a clearance sales, I have no choice but to wander your land of milk and honey for bargains. Yes, I do need a lamp shaped like baseballs (wait...we already have one). Yes, I do need a giant plastic flag that hangs on the door that says "Love" and has faded flowers on it (wait...darnit, we have that already too). I guess I'll just pop in and invent some other item that I "must have". Life size flamingo cut out for my mini-yard? Sure. I'll take 2 of them if they are $4.99 now, marked down from $14.99. See you soon! With love, AV.

   After that little fantasy I snapped back into the real world and drove the rest of the 3/4 of a mile to work and was STILL early and got the sarcastic hello. However, this is all overshadowed by the fact that today is ICE CREAM SOCIAL DAY!!!! Nothin' gon' hold me down today. Oh no. I got to keep on eatin'.

   While I'm at work today Aaron will begin the demolition on our spare bathroom. The install will start on August 6th! I'm so excited and will naturally keep you up to date on progress (please pronounce like British lady). Here is the lousy before. The salmon pink from the previous owner is not OK. I don't like peeing in a sherbet themed hold. Also not a huge fan of  white wood "detail" being pulled from it's holding spot on the wall by Father Time. I can't wait to get 'er done.

Lastly, because he's still so little and so darn's what I know you're all checking this blog for. Daily Turk pic:

                              Check back later! I will share my Swedish Meatball journey with you!!

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*all photos are personal unless specified*

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