Friday, July 22, 2011

My animal's instinct is broken...

   Right now in Connecticut we are amidst a nasty heat wave. Yes, we get heat waves in the north too. Yesterday topped out around 90 something degrees, I believe, with a million percent humidity. That can be confirmed by my frizzball of a braid.

   It's the kind of heat that you miss in the winter when you're freezing for 3 months straight but when it's finally here everyone says things like "wow, you can cut the air with a knife!" (I said that yesterday. I'm my own cliche) and the ever popular "You could fry an egg on the pavement out there!". Yes, sure you could, crazy.

   The problem with this humidity is that we learned last night that neither Aaron or I knows how to use our central air at our condo. I got home from work around 7:30 and was greeted by a crying cat. Poor Apollo clearly hasn't figured out yet that the finished basement is the coolest place in the condo. Aaron says he's an animal and he'll figure it out himself. But upon my entering, he came slugging down the stairs to me. This means two things. 1- Apollo was upstairs. The hottest part of any building in the world is the top floor. C'mon cat! 2- Apollo was more than likely in his window seat. The sun sets in the front of our condo, which is where the spare room is. So my cat was not only upstairs, but he was in an open window in this heat with the sun blasting right on his little furry body. Brilliant.

   I entered, cat greeted me, I picked him up and he was about 150 degrees so I instantly turned on the AC. I began my normal house cleaning that I do when I get home, empty the dishwasher, put in laundry, etc. An hour later and it still hasn't cooled down. WHAT? I add the fan to the system. Still nothing 30 minutes later. Aaron gets home and I tell him what isn't happening. This place feels like it's parked at the gates of hell. He messes with it and air sounds like it's coming out. Still not cool. Bedtime now, and as you know I have been feeling "under the weather".

*Side note: I did some research the last time I heard that phrase I googled it. It originated when sailors were on the upper deck of their ship and were sick. The captain would send them below decks to recover. Hence, they were "under the weather" on the main deck of the ship. Interesting, right?*

   End Side note. No more education today. It was still reading over 80 degrees but with windows shut and ONE fan it felt like 1 trillion degrees. Aaron and I felt bad we had left poor Apollo all day baking (because his animal instincts were a FAIL). This was how Aaron fixed that situation:

  Yes, that cat is being dangled in front of a fan and looking up at Aaron as if to say "ugggghhh thank you". And we woke up to 81 degrees indoors today. Aaron thought he fixed it this morning, but I got a text from him saying "we may have to have it serviced", I assume he was referring to the AC and not the cat. Then "I'm not sure if I'm doin somethin wrong". Evidence that we don't know how to operate machinery in our own home.

Stay tuned ...I'm going to IKEA tonight and I am going to attempt a DIY tomorrow with the assistance of my 16 year old sis. No she doesn't know that yet....Yay Chelsea!


  1. @ChristopherRenzJuly 22, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    Nice braid. Also, I love how newly married women always find ways to get their ring into every photo :) Very sly. Very nice. Loving your blog! Keep it comin'!

  2. My boss calls my braid "friday hair". It's a means for controlling my Leo mane. And FYI you can't even see my bling lol. I'll work it in somehow. In all it's glory...;)