Friday, July 15, 2011

10 am and I'm eating a brownie...

   If you have issues with people who eat dessert foods in the morning on occasion, this is not the blog for you to follow. To be fair, it's not just "any brownie". It's a Red Velvet and Cream Cheese brownie I made from scratch. That's right. She cooks/bakes too, folks. 

   Today is a joyous of my closest friend's younger sister is getting hitched this afternoon. Me being the donkey I am, didn't check to see what time the ceremony was until last week. It starts at 4 something. SO I didn't really need to take this day off. Is it as bad if you are productive? That's the plan.

   I came back from my jog and Aaron was in the shower. He too took the day off from his job as a chef to attend. So I'm rebrushing my teeth (I took this roughly 5 times a day. And I can't stand in the bathroom when I'm doing so either) and I say to my dear husband "should I do my hair tonight like I did it for our rehearsal dinner?" Now I know what you're thinking..."how can you expect him to recall something like that?" Easily. It was 5 WEEKS AGO!! SO I ask the question and it's lingering in the air between the space where I'm brushing and the shower curtain.Silence.

Me- "You do remember how I had my hair, right?"
Aaron- "*pause* Yeah...didn't you have it, kind, up but sorta down?"
Me- "sigh" <exit stage left>
Mission: failed. Apparently I didn't look as memorable as I had hoped. And to answer the question on every one's hair was down. With barrettes in it.

The other reason I'm eating a brownie is this:

 **Disclaimer: I did not open that drawer for dramatic effect. That's how it was left**

   This is how Aaron leaves his nightstand. I don't claim to be a neat freak (lying) but I can't stand the sight of this. It looks like a dorm room threw up on my husband's side of the bead. Beer caps, plastic bags, golf tees, paint samples. OK, maybe the paint samples are a bit "grown up" for a dorm. But still. We don't argue over this either. I merely say "You'll be so embarrassed if the Queen shows up and sees your nightstand like that". And that doesn't work! I don't get it!?  All I want is for both sides of the room to look like my side:

   One day you're going to read about me just snapping and taking the drawers out of the nightstand.  And I know just where I'll hide them so he'll NEVER find them. In his dresser:

**Yes, that is a mug shaped like boobs containing dollar bills on top of the dresser.**

   Am I the only one this happens to? Please tell me I'm not...



  1. Joe's dresser looks exactly the same, minus the boob mug. And I will not tell Joe about said boob mug because I will never hear the end of his begging for the boob mug.

    boob mug.

  2. Sure I'd LOVE to give Joe the boob mug!! Thanks for offering to take it!