Friday, July 29, 2011

Care Bears and Head Injuries

   Stopping at my mom's house this morning had more than one purpose. None of the intended purposes included me walking out with the handful of items. Especially not the items I walked out with. As a kid my mom sewed a lot. She made my Halloween costumes, she sewed doll outfits, matching outfits for her and I when I was a wee one.

*Janice H seen on the left. Please see this post. *

 She also went through a little phase where she made pillow animals. Included in that were these lovelies.

   The question was "do you still want the Care Bears?". Silly question. Of course I want the Care Bears. I grabbed the plastic bag, ran to the car and immediately dug through them. SWEET, Wish Bear is still in tact. That was my main concern.

In business related news, one of my friend-workers (peep I'm friends with at work) walked into my office and pretended to shoot me with a sawed off shotgun. (Totally normal occurrence, don't worry) I did my usual choking on blood and slumping in my chair bit. However, this time I sunk a little too low and with eyes shut slammed the side of my head against my desk. The picture below is a reenactment of the actual event.

Yes, I really did hit my head hard. My friend-worker laughed and called me a name I dare not repeat. Suffice it to say, it wouldn't be a Friday without Wish Bear and head injuries.

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