Wednesday, July 27, 2011


   At lunch today with my dear friends I found myself contemplating what's different about dating, being engaged and being married. It dawned on me that all the things I have to do now as "the wife" were not issues before mainly because our finances weren't combined. If I don't want to pay an extra $40 a month because Aaron "never canceled" the phone service we have been paying for for the last 2 years then I have to call them myself.

   Aaron went as far as to paint a hallway at 6 on a weeknight just to get out of calling our cable/phone provider. No one likes to I'm guessing he just really can't handle professional confrontation. That's what I think the process should be dubbed. When you are being royally screwed by some company and you have to call up and fight for your rights...or in this case to "not pay for a non existent phone". I assure you, I don't even know where the phone jack is. We don't OWN a regular phone. Autumn got on the phone and got it fixed.

   We had horrific damage to our living room carpet, ceiling and our bedroom when the ice hit this winter and our condo complex only had 2 guys to clean ALL the ice and snow up in 400 + units (duuuhhhh). So 250 units ended up with water damage. They somehow "weren't aware" the living room carpet was damaged (even though they just paid to have our ceiling replaced...?) and it the reason I was told is "oh your husband never mentioned the carpet when we came to look". UGH. Guess who "has the time" during the day to fight that battle now? This girl right here. I think Aaron would rather pay $1000 to re-carpet the living room ourselves than to call up and ask for what is rightfully ours. It's all about finding your "character" in the marriage I think. Someone has to be the organized sense-keeper.

I would liken myself to Monica Geller any day. But that's really because I am bossy and I like things clean...

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  1. Natalie "Pure Awesome" BahrJuly 27, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    Throw around the words "mold" and "sue". That should do the trick!