Thursday, November 3, 2011

Power up

Phone call from my husband. The "how I found out the power was on" call. I'm at my friend Sara's watching her react to episodes of Mad Men I've already seen (almost more entertaining than the show, believe it or not).

Phone rings:

Aaron: Hey! I think we got power back.

Aaron: Well Bea (his mother) said she saw some utility trucks.

Me: (Pause) Um.....OK. But... is Bea home? I assume she told you if she has power and you aren't basing this on a couple trucks...?

Aaron: Oh and she called her house and the answering machine came on.

Me: (Eye roll) Well you probably should have used that as your first example, I'm thinking.

Aaron: Yeah. And that some people I know who live in our complex said the power was on in their units.

Me: That also could have been your opener... no?

Aaron: (silence). Are you on your way home?

It's safe to assume a legal career in litigation will never be in the cards for my husband. At least I got a laugh and news that we have power again! We can stop watching "The Day After Tomorrow" over and over again for "warning signs" now I guess.

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  1. Happy to hear your power is on! Also happy that your husband tells stories backwards.