Monday, November 21, 2011

The Llama

I kicked off the Christmas season by littering my fall decor with a new addition to my Christmas crap. My sister instantly hated him. Maybe it was the jingling bell I followed her around TJ Maxx with round it's neck? Maybe it was the jovial look on the creatures face?

Probably not. It's more than likely because I don't know what sound a llama makes and I ad-libbed. Not well revived. They don't groan or baa.

I've also already found Clarence on the floor twice. Turk has it out for him as well. And his name shall be called Clarence.


  1. so is a Christmas Llama different than a drama llama?

  2. Oh.My.God why didn't you name it Tina!!!! I want a llama and I will name mine Tina. Just so I can say "Eat the food Tina!!" or "Tina you fat lard".

  3. He is just creepy enough to become the best decoration ever. I've never seen a Christmas llama but now that I have, I'm so happy.

    Question about your iphone - is there anyway to turn off your email notifications while you're sleeping? If I turn the volume down, I don't hear my alarm. If I turn the volume up to where I can hear my alarm, the email notifications wake up my fiance and I'll divorced before I'm even married.