Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is it time?

I'm all for Christmas decor. I LOVE Christmas more than anyone I know. And the day after Thanksgiving, I say go for it! Decorate it up. But not yet. Not the week before T-Giving when you still have PUMPKINS on your doorstep! The first photo is the quad bitch in my complex. She is the one who knocks on your door when your car is a centimeter over the line in your spot. She was decorated the day after Halloween. Yep. #2 is "smoking man". No he wasn't on X Files. He just smokes on his front stoop constantly. Someday I'll tell you about "the whistler"...


  1. i like christmas but totally agree at least wait until after thanksgiving (which happens to be my favorite holiday). when i went to target 2 weeks ago and was greeted by a merry christmas banner, i wanted to rip it down.

  2. Being a fellow LOVER of Christmas there is a point and time when you put that stuff out and the day after Halloween IS NOT THAT TIME! Why should Thanksgiving get the shaft? Its got to be one of the best holidays and its always over shadowed by the great holiday of Christmas! On a side note....I cant wait till the day after so I CAN START DECORATING! :o)~