Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five

It's Friday! I've completed my first week at my promoted role!

1. I love this job. The office is great, it's a wonderful team and I fully enjoy the work day!

2. I try to drive around every day after work to learn my new area/towns. I really only knew Western CT. Turns out there's quite a but more state over here.

3. I stepped on Turk's tail in the bathroom this morning. She shrieked, I felt terrible. She's just so small! Aaron said I'm not a great cat- mom. Thaaaanks.

4. I'm going to see Twilight tomorrow with my mom & sis. I'm excited and curious to see what they do. I've totally wondered what they'll do with creative license. I'm MORE excited for Hunger Games next year though....

5. My office. I'm struggling to decorate. I found one nice "art piece" and all my lady office coworkers love it. The men? All noticed that its defective. The canvas is actually attached to the wooden frame crooked. Splendid. But I still love it.


  1. i will be venturing out to see twilight on sunday i believe, but i too am way more excited about the hunger games. i have no doubt it's going to be awesome.

  2. Oh see, I would think that it was meant to be hung that way just as a visual effect. LOL. Dont let Aaron get you down! We all have stepped on our cats tails before, they are slinky, sneaky and always around your feet. It wasnt as if you went after Turk and stomped on her tail!

    I am having the same problem decorating MY OFFICE! I dont know what to do! :o( HOME GOODS HERE I COME!!!