Wednesday, November 2, 2011


   There's a lot going on. I am training my replacement at work, I have no power or internet cell service at home (thanks for nothing aPhone) and we are pretty cold at night. So bear with me! I'll be back, but I'm laying low because of all the stuff going on I have really NOTHING interesting or funny at the moment! Miss you all!


And we celebrated Aaron's 29th birthday. I had share since I made the cake myself and then doctored up the pic on the aPhone.

Hope none of you are without power! It sucks! Thankfully we have friends who are allowing us to bask in the warmth of their homes and showers!


  1. We lost power for three days once when I was in high school. It wasn't cold out so the heat wasn't a big deal but we lived in the middle of nowhere so we had a well. no power + well = no water

  2. hope you guys have power soon! enjoy your haitus as much as you can!