Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Temptress of Fate

   After the hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and blizzards this year we had only lost power once and it was when the tornado hit at home while we were on our honeymoon. We felt safe. This condo complex just never loses power. In a ballsy mood I walked by the camping section at Target and Walmart with my nose in the air. Then the blizzard of October taught me a lesson. JUST BUY THE STUFF YOU NEED.

   We ended up using a dangerous, albeit helpful oil lantern which I was positive the cats would knock over. They didn't. But learning my lesson, I didn't want to tempt fate. The power could go out again and my cats are infamous for sticking their faces in candles and burning off whiskers...and knocking things over. I had 3 reasons now. I also really like grilled cheese and couldn't have it when I needed it most. Enter: Walmart online.

Upon arrival both  cats inspected the package for correct item number and damage. All clear.

There she is. My "bigger than I needed or expected but only $24.99" camping stove. Grilled cheese, you will be mine if the power EVER goes out again. If I have bread and cheese...

LED lantern. Extra batteries...and my favorite...a Red Cross WIND UP FLASHLIGHT. What? Can't find batteries? Aaron used them all for every remote in this place? No worries. I'll lead the way.

I kind of want to use them instead of lights. But that would really defeat the purpose should the power fail again I suppose. Well folks, tomorrow if my last day at my current job. Training my replacement is almost done and I'll be saying my goodbyes. It's always bittersweet. I am pumped to start my new job on Friday though!! WOOO HOOOO!!!


  1. I laughed through this entire post. During Irene we bought 8 gallons of water that are still sitting in the cupboard. Always prepared!

  2. last thanksgiving our power went out and my dad decided to light a lantern that was at least 30 years old. i honestly thoought we were all going to die. i sadly didn't think to bring my wind up lantern to thanksgiving, but can bet it's coming with me this year!

  3. It really sucks to lose power for so long, especially so consecutively. I'm glad I didn't this time, but we could have been more prepared back in august. a week as a really long time.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. TOO CUTE! I know where I am going if the power goes out again. Grilled Cheeses at Autumns place!!! I love your incoming inspection team. They seem to be on top of their game. I am sure you only have the best in the biz! LOL. Kudos on the start of the new job!!!! I bet you are wicked excited! No more drive to D-Block though :o( Does that mean our next date I have to come to you?