Thursday, April 12, 2012

Double wide...

Rainbow. A double rainbow. That's what happened to me today. I can't say that I was as excited as some people might get (we ALL know who I'm referring to). But honestly, I stood in the rain taking pics of it because I was a little awestruck. Kind of like bumping into Jordan Knight in Shop Rite. If that ever happened. Please enjoy! I only touched up the first pic. The rest are literally taken from nature herself.

Hi. I jogged with Rainbow Brite today.

Then I quickly turned the iPhone to video. It was raining, but I had to risk it, apparently.


  1. wow, Rainbow Brite and Jordan Knight (there's a poem in there somewhere...)

  2. The difference between your rainbow and my vid was rainbows have been following me for a long time coming with increased frequency. When I made my famous vid I had just finished writing an email saying how I felt like I was Noah because of my organic farm with my own well, fruit trees, gardens etc. There was no man made obstructions in my vid other than what I owned, ie, my green house. The rainbow in my vid was a wall of color, it looked like an giant eye ball, I realized only God could have an eye that big, I recognized I was in the presence of God, I realized I was like Noah, who was a prophet of God and the rainbow in front of me was confirming this. My vid was me realizing I was in the presence of God. I have been hosted all over the world, spreading this message, that of the Rainbow Warrior. I say these things and they are confirmed by more rainbows, they are documented in my YouTube videos.