Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes, it's possible

I'm weird. You already know that and probably enjoy it about me... Or you wouldn't be curious to read this. I've had my share of weird injuries, but I think I took my own cake this time.

Wicked cold and cough. Out of control coughing fits in the middle of the night while poor Aaron slept on the couch. I wake up Tuesday with a horrific back pain, unable to walk. I know. So messed up.

Went to work... Suffered... Tried to be brave! Had to go home. The next day I woke up unable to move again. I broke down & called a doctor! Got an appointment & headed down. Turns out, drum roll please...

I dislocated my two lower left ribs. By COUGHING. Yes, that's real and it happens " a lot", per the doc. He " put them back in place" and 48 hours later I'm starting to feel some relief. My advice to you? Be careful when you cough, folks. It's not worth it! Lol

Have a Happy Easter weekend!

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  1. Three things: 1. so glad you're back 2. sorry you hurt yourself coughing (hehe) 3. like the new background